"Social Power Plus" - Research project on behalf of the SFOE

The Energy Strategy 2050 calls for a rethink in the way we interact with energy. In order to change the way we use electricity in households, we need, among other things, intelligent measuring devices that inform and raise awareness about energy consumption. Over the next three years, CLEMAP is conducting the "Social Power Plus" research project with selected partners on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE. The aim of the project is to achieve a sustainable change in the energy behaviour of the participating households.

According to the Swiss Energy Foundation (SES), the Swiss building stock is responsible for 45% of the country's energy consumption and causes almost a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. The potential for saving energy and emissions in this sector is correspondingly large, but the hurdles are great. Within the framework of Social Power Plus, these shares are to be reduced by involving the user in the process. The aim of the project is to motivate participating households to save energy through tools, targets and game mechanisms, and to identify methods that can be used to achieve a sustainable change in their energy behaviour. This sustainable change is to be achieved with learning activities for the participating households by continuously sensitising them to their energy consumption in a playful way during the project period. The commissioned partners hope that this will lead to the implementation of the learned energy-saving measures even after the end of Social Power Plus. The project will run for three years, starting in August 2020, and is financed by the SFOE and the participating energy suppliers.

The commissioned partners include CLEMAP, two universities and utility companies. While the two universities ZHAW & SUPSI participate in the research with various institutes, the energy suppliers EKS, Stadtwerke Winterthur and TB Wil identify the participating households. CLEMAP is involved in the project as a technology partner for sound energy data analytics and forms the interface between utilities and households with its IoT energy platform. The measured energy data, which partly originate from the existing smart meter infrastructure and partly from installed CLEMAP One, are collected and evaluated by CLEMAP and forwarded to the Social Power Game app created by SUPSI for visualisation. On the one hand, this app informs the participating households about their consumption and, on the other hand, motivates them to continuously reduce their consumption with the help of gamification approaches.

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