Microgrid control solutions

Decentralised power generation through solar systems and decarbonisation through electric cars and heat pumps create micro-grids. These enable the optimisation of locally generated energy and thus reduce costs.

One system for the control of all consumers on the electrical grid

Even though each consumer has different requirements regarding the transmission of the control signal, the daily routine for system integrators must be kept as simple as possible. To achieve this, CLEMAP has developed a system from which it is possible to interact with all consumers simultaneously and without implementation effort. For example, commands can be transmitted directly to the respective consumers in the smart grid in order to optimally distribute the loads.

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Different interfaces for different consumers

Heat pumps, solar panels and electric charging stations: as different as these consumers are, so are the interfaces needed to interact with them from a central system. CLEMAP's microgrid service enables interaction with numerous consumers via a variety of standards: from the simplest controls such as digital outputs to Modbus protocols and cloud-to-cloud solutions via Rest API and AMQP interfaces.


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Reference projects

In the following reference projects and application examples, you can find out about the many ways in which our smart energy solutions are used. We will be happy to find a suitable solution for your project.

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