Polluter-pays energy accounting

In order to optimise operating costs, it is first and foremost necessary to know their composition. Especially in the case of several cost centres or in connection with subtenants, solid energy accounting is recommended and simplifies the daily accounting routine.

Allocation of consumption to consumers

Energy costs play a significant role, especially in service companies, but also account for a considerable part of the operating costs in factories with large machines. For this reason, it is highly relevant for companies of all sizes to provide their own accounting department with accurate data on consumption. Digital sub-metering automates the process of collecting and allocating data to individual cost centres and simplifies operations in smart buildings.

Energy accounting by e-mail

Monthly reports provide information on the consumption data of the past month and compare it with that of previous periods. In addition, the course of the last twelve months is presented, which shows whether measures introduced to reduce consumption are having an effect. Furthermore, the energy-saving tips included provide suggestions on how consumption can be further reduced. With the e-mail reports, the accounting department receives a compact overview of all relevant data including costs, which significantly simplifies energy accounting and makes it quicker to complete. You can choose between monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly e-mail delivery cycles.

Reference projects

In the following reference projects and application examples, you can find out about the many ways in which our smart energy solutions are used. We will be happy to find a suitable solution for your project.

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