History and milestones

Get to know CLEMAP better and let us take you on a journey from its foundation to the present day. Here you can find out everything about the history and successes of CLEMAP.

How it all began

CLEMAP AG was founded in 2017 by four ETH engineers and one SUPSI engineer. Mr. Gino Agbomemewa (CLEMAP CEO) and Mr. Pascal Kienast (CLEMAP COO) realised during a consulting assignment that there was a need for detailed information on the composition of electricity consumption, but that the market did not have a meaningful solution ready for this. CLEMAP undertook to provide a suitable measuring device and has since been pursuing the goal of deciphering energy consumption by means of data analysis and identifying optimisation potential with innovative products for its customers, among other things in order to save energy costs.

Milestones achieved

Milestones achieved CLEMAP AG
  • 2017 - CLEMAP AG is founded by 5 engineers (ETH & SUPSI)
  • 2018 - CLEMAP's first product, the CLEMAP One energy meter, goes on the market
  • 2018 - Thanks to the high degree of innovation and the potential inherent in CLEMAP's business idea, the company is accepted into Innosuisse's Startup Coaching.
  • 2018 - CLEMAP wins 2nd place in the xplor Startup Award at the Power Days.
  • 2019 - CLEMAP's products and solutions help to protect the environment, which is why the company will be included in the Swiss Climate Foundation's funding programme for Swiss innovation projects in 2019
  • 2020 - The team grows to 10 members
  • 2021 - Bertrand Piccard's Solar Impulse Foundation awards CLEMAP the Efficient Solution Label
  • 2021 - CLEMAP takes its first expansion steps into Italy, Hungary and Belgium
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