The satisfaction of our clientele is our top priority. We always strive to go above and beyond to meet our customers' needs and are not above putting in extra shifts. This ambition pays off. Read here what customers report about working with us and see for yourself!

SOCAR Energy Switzerland GmbH

"We are highly satisfied with our collaboration with CLEMAP in the area of load management for petrol stations and service stations. The simplicity of the solution, its broad compatibility with our existing systems, the prompt service and the attractive price-performance ratio have exceeded our expectations. The user-friendly interface enables intuitive operation, the smooth integration minimizes training requirements and CLEMAP's fast support has significantly improved the efficiency of our operations. Overall, CLEMAP is the ideal partner for us, offering sustainable added value with its innovative technology at a competitive price."

J. Kowner AG

"We have used CLEMAP Load Management for 4 parking spaces in Erlenbach, in an underground car park without an internet connection, and are very satisfied with it from start to finish. Thanks to the CLEMAP team, we were able to put the load management solution into operation without any problems and it is ideal because, if necessary, charging stations from other manufacturers can also be integrated seamlessly and without complications. We would recommend the solution for other underground garages at any time.

Nils Mathys
hosttech GmbH

"It was important for us to better understand the consumption in our hosttech data centres. Thanks to the installation of the CLEMAP Energy Monitor and access to the CLEMAP Floem energy portal, we now have historical as well as current real-time energy data available and can implement appropriate measures for optimisation. We very much appreciated the advice and uncomplicated handling of the CLEMAP team, everything went very well!"

Domagoj Misic
Limmattal Hospital

"The CLEMAP sensors help us to have clarity about the power consumption of individual devices and areas as well as to assess the cost/benefit factor of equipment and work processes. Installation and handling were easy and the monthly reports are very clear. I can definitely recommend CLEMAP."

Fabrizio Keller
Cellar Roastery

"Energy consumption is a central variable for us, which we have to have absolutely under control from both a business and an environmental point of view. Therefore, the CLEMAP Energy Monitor is exactly the right solution for us: inexpensive, easy to install and user-friendly."

Ramon Fields

"CLEMAP's breakdown technology has great potential for us as an EVU for new customer applications and products. Therefore, we are working with CLEMAP in the areas of market know-how and product support."

Paolo Rossi

"We quickly realised that CLEMAP offers technologically advanced products to position us as an electricity supplier not just as a mere electricity supplier, but to interact with end customers on a service level. We are proud to be able to work with CLEMAP."

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