Case Studies

Automatic EV charging optimization with photovoltaics

The CLEMAP Grid as monitoring of a district heating system

In order to be able to supply the supply area with heating and cooling without interruption, the monitoring of the critical infrastructure used is of the highest possible relevance. Two CLEMAP grids were installed for energy monitoring and anticipatory action, which facilitate the day-to-day operations of the heating centre operators.

Dynamic load management to smooth your peak purchases

When some tenants decided to buy an electric car, a property owner was faced with a challenge. The main connection power did not provide enough electricity to accommodate the charging of the electric cars and the households at the same time. CLEMAP's dynamic load management ensures that the fuse is not overloaded, even with simultaneous charging.

Innovative sub-metering for billing consumers and sub-tenants

The Gassmann Groupe site in Biel has three relevant cost centres: Office, Factory and Subtenant. For source-based electricity billing, 19 CLEMAP energy meters were installed, which measure different power levels and provide the accounting department with all relevant data for billing via automatically generated emails.

Use Cases

Warning messages in case of anomalies to ensure operation

Bakeries depend on the constant cooling of their dough masses. Therefore, a possible power failure must be noticed immediately. Find out here how CLEMAP helps bakeries to focus on their core business while keeping an eye on their energy consumption.

Installation instructions

Installation Instructions CLEMAP Load Management

For a functioning load management, the correct installation must take place.

Installation Instructions CLEMAP Energy Monitor

For efficient energy monitoring, the sensor must be installed correctly. The installation instructions show you how.

Installation Instructions CLEMAP Energy Monitor 42A

For your sensor to work, it must be installed correctly. With the practical installation instructions, commissioning is child's play.

Data sheets

Product flyer CLEMAP Energy Monitor

Everything you need to know about the CLEMAP Energy Monitor.

Product flyer CLEMAP Load Management

Everything you need to know about CLEMAP Load Management.

Data sheet CLEMAP Grid

Data sheet CLEMAP Grid - all versions and technical specifications on two pages

Data sheet CLEMAP Energy Monitor

Precise descriptions, an overview of the performance as well as further technical information: The data sheet of our energy measuring device CLEMAP Energy Monitor provides all this information.

Data sheet CLEMAP Energy Monitor 42A

All information, possible applications and technical data at a glance: The data sheet of the CLEMAP Energy Monitor 42A summarizes everything worth knowing about the sensor on two pages.


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