CLEMAP Energy Monitor 42A

The CLEMAP Energy Monitor 42A for single-family homes is suitable for electricity measurements in apartments and private households, visualizes the composition of your electricity bill and helps you gain transparency and reduce your electricity bill.

Your advantages with CLEMAP Energy Monitor 42A

  • Breakdown of your electricity consumption by daily, monthly and annual costs
  • Real-time consumption data via energy portal (CLEMAP app)
  • Free use of the smart CLEMAP app
  • No further measuring devices necessary

The smart 3-phase CLEMAP Energy Monitor for single-family homes finally brings clarity to your monthly electricity bill. It not only completely takes over the energy monitoring at your home, but also provides you with detailed and informative statistics and diagrams on your energy consumption via the free CLEMAP app.

Detailed results in real time

The CLEMAP Energy Monitor calibrated to 42A house connection runs independently thanks to sophisticated technology and is not dependent on any additional tools. Via WLAN or a LAN cable, your energy data is automatically sent to our app, where all the information is clearly presented. Thanks to the measurement and transfer of your performance data in real time, you can always see the latest figures in the cloud with an existing Internet connection.  

The installation of the CLEMAP Energy Monitor for single-family homes is carried out by your electrician or an electrician from our partner network. The installation instructions are included with each sensor. After installation, you activate the sensor via the Internet and then you have free access to the graphically clearly presented display of your electricity consumption via your cell phone or the web application. You can choose whether you want to monitor your electricity consumption daily, weekly or monthly. After a few days, the sensor will break down the individual consumers for you.

All your data is presented to you in the smart CLEMAP app, showing devices with high power consumption. This allows you to take measures to save energy, resulting in reduced power consumption and consequently a lower electricity bill. With the CLEMAP Energy Monitor 42A, you will always know the composition of your electricity consumption and easily reduce your electricity bill. You can find out more about the energy monitor on the data sheet.

Order CLEMAP Energy Monitor for single family houses

You can find all CLEMAP energy meters in the Ottofischer online store. Click here to get to the CLEMAP Energy Monitor 42A.


CLEMAP Load Management currently works with the following makes and models:

Settlement possible
  • ABB Terra AC

Modbus TCP

  • CITO 500
  • eBox Professional

Modbus TCP


  • eNext

Local API

  • Easee Charge
  • Easee Home

Cloud API (easee Cloud)


  • coffee&charge
  • espresso&charge
  • sospeso&charge
  • cappuchino&charge

Modbus TCP

  • Charge Me

Modbus TCP


  • KEBA KeContact P30c

Modbus TCP

  • Mennekes Professional

Modbus TCP

  • EVlink Pro AC

Modbus TCP

  • Pico

Cloud API (Smart-Me Cloud)


  • Webasto Live
  • Webasto Next
  • Webasto Unite

Modbus TCP


  • Weidmüller Business
  • Weidmüller Smart Value

Modbus TCP

  • Zaptec Pro

Cloud API (Zaptec Cloud)

  • -



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