The CLEMAP Grid measures high currents of up to 6,000 amperes in the low-voltage range. Thanks to Rogowski coils, it is quickly installed and suitable for monitoring critical infrastructures.

Your advantages with CLEMAP Grid

  • High current measurements of up to 6'000 amperes
  • Energy and power data
  • Visualisation via CLEMAP Floem customer portal
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring tool
  • Warning messages when predefined values are exceeded or not reached

Space-saving and quick installation

For space-saving current measurements, Rogowski coils offer decisive advantages. The small dimensions and simple fixing to the power cables or busbars by means of cable ties considerably reduce the effort required for subsequent installation. The DIN rails facilitate the installation of the energy meter, so that it can be mounted in the control cabinet within a very short time. In order to keep the installation effort to a minimum, the Rogowski sensors are already pre-assembled for measurement on 3-phase power connections. Since no saturation effects occur with Rogowski coils, a further primary current range can be measured without loss of accuracy.

Simple measuring process

The Rogowski coils consist of a flexible sensor ring that is simply placed around the conductor to be measured and closed with a twist lock. This measuring method is ideally suited for currents between 100A and 6'000A. To accommodate the different sizes of energy conductors, CLEMAP offers the Rogowski coils in different sizes. Information on the technical specifications can be found on the data sheet.

Visualisation of the data

After installing the CLEMAP Grid, the data is immediately available on a PC or mobile device in real time via the CLEMAP Floem customer portal. This visualisation portal forms the basis for energy data analytics and helps you to reduce your energy consumption in the long term. Intelligent algorithms are used for the analyses, which inform you about all important key figures of the electrical network such as active, reactive and peak power as well as the application of specific data. The platform also offers the advantage of sending automatic warnings and alarms via SMS or e-mail when configured limit values are undercut or exceeded. This means that you are always informed about your consumption and can take immediate action if necessary to prevent high consumption or other undesirable events.

Order CLEMAP Grid

You can find the CLEMAP Grid in the Ottofischer online shop. Click here to order your CLEMAP Grid.


CLEMAP Load Management currently works with the following makes and models:

  • ABB Terra AC

Modbus TCP

  • eBOX professional

Modbus TCP

  • eNext

Local API

  • Easee Charge
  • Easee Home

Cloud API (easee Cloud)

  • coffee&charge
  • espresso&charge
  • sospeso&charge
  • cappuchino&charge

Modbus TCP

  • Charge Me

Modbus TCP

  • KEBA KeContact P30c

Modbus TCP

  • Mennekes Professional

Modbus TCP

  • Pico

Modbus TCP

  • Webasto Live
  • Webasto Next
  • Webasto Unite

Modbus TCP

  • Weidmüller Business
  • Weidmüller Smart Value

Modbus TCP

  • Zaptec Pro

Cloud API (Zaptec Cloud)


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