Intelligent energy monitoring

Thanks to technological change, the monitoring of energy consumption is not limited to the mere collection and monitoring of the accruing data. Thanks to their local computing power, smart electricity meters also make energy monitoring intelligent.

Measuring the network infrastructure to identify hotspots

In order to maintain the operation of smart grids at all times, continuous monitoring is necessary. Measuring the grid infrastructure ensures that anomalies compared to the reference profile, failures or other hotspots in the power profile are identified. Once problem areas have been identified, appropriate measures can then be initiated, allowing the smart grid to operate optimally.

Current profile with anomalies

More transparency with intelligent analytics modules

The energy monitoring of tomorrow is decentralised and intelligent. Whereas in the past no data was measured at all, or energy monitoring merely checked how energy consumption was behaving, today analytics modules provide in-depth insights into the measured data. These analytics modules analyse the consumption for limit parameters and provide you with valuable information that can serve as a basis for optimisation, depending on the project. The evaluations contribute to more transparency.

High-resolution data form the basis for detailed evaluations

For a detailed evaluation, the data quality is of the highest possible relevance. That is why CLEMAP has developed its own energy measuring devices that provide you with data in very high resolution due to the sampling rate of several times per second. Analogous to the quality of the measured data, their evaluations are also excellent. In addition, it is possible to update the sensors remotely, for example to implement new functionalities or analytics modules. This flexibility enables a customised evaluation that is fully oriented to the needs of your project.

Reference projects

In the following reference projects and application examples, you can find out about the many ways in which our smart energy solutions are used. We will be happy to find a suitable solution for your project.

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