Vision, mission and values

Find out what CLEMAP's vision of the future is, what drives its employees to continue working tirelessly every day and what the company's values are.

Our vision

"A world where people, devices, buildings and factories understand their energy flows and work together towards sustainable energy use."

When CLEMAP looks to the future, we live in a world in which a wide range of actors are interconnected and understand how energy consumption is achieved in order to make energy use more sustainable overall.

Our mission

"CLEMAP's mission is to provide accessible energy data analytics for a sustainable world."

In order to achieve our vision, sound and detailed analyses and evaluations are required. This is the only way to ensure that all stakeholders involved understand the energy consumption that is occurring. CLEMAP's energy data analytics helps to create this understanding, making energy use and thus the world more sustainable.

Our values

In our daily work and on our mission to make the world more sustainable through energy data analytics , we adhere to principles and values.

  • We are oriented towards the needs of our clientele and the market
  • We never stop looking for innovative solutions
  • We trust and respect each other
  • We are absolutely transparent, towards employees as well as shareholders
  • We use data exclusively to improve lives, reduce energy consumption and generate long-term added value
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