Resource control for the flexibility market

With the liberalisation of the flexibility market, more and more platforms are participating in the regulation of the electricity grid. Consumer control therefore plays an increasingly important role.

Regulation and control of consumers via a variety of standards

The longer the platforms involved, the more complicated the control of smart grids becomes. Therefore, they must be able to know the state of the grid in real time and control distributed resources such as large motors, ventilation systems, heat pumps, electric charging stations or other consumers. CLEMAP enables this control with just one product that supports a variety of standards. It also accepts commands from flexibility pool managers, cloud-to-cloud via API or via its local digital inputs.

SmartGridready standard reduces costs and increases flexibility

The CLEMAP gateway supports the SmartGridready standard, is therefore easy to integrate into flexibility pool managers and can communicate with SmartGridready-certified products. This significantly reduces the costs during the integration phase and at the same time increases the number of possible controlled devices.


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