from EUR 993.90 excl. VAT

Dynamic load management
for electric cars

CLEMAP Load Management handles the real-time load management of wallboxes and charging stations for electric vehicles.

It is the simplest and most reliable load management solution that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into the charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Your advantages

  • Manufacturer-independent
    Compatible with wallboxes and charging stations from different manufacturers
  • Flexibly expandable
    Integration of any number of charging stations, also retrofitted
  • Cost-efficient
    One-off, low investment costs for measurement and operation
  • Fast commissioning
    Installation and activation within a few hours
  • Remote monitoring and control
    Convenient setting option from the "office" or on the road

CLEMAP Load Management consists of two components:

CLEMAP Energy Monitor

Measuring device with local control function

A 3-phase electrical sensor and with three current transformers (or Rogowski coils). There are different versions depending on the connected load.

Order number
Product designation
CLEMAP Load Management 80A
CLEMAP Load Management 125A*
CLEMAP Load Management 200A*
CLEMAP Load Management 400A
CLEMAP Load Management 1000A
CLEMAP Load Management 2000A
CLEMAP Load Management 6000A

* Standard versions

CLEMAP Floem for dynamic load management

Software for remote control and billing

Via CLEMAP Floem, charging stations can be added and put into operation with little prior knowledge.

The most important functions are included free of charge as standard with the "FREE" licence. Further functions such as remote monitoring and billing are available with a chargeable licence.

From EUR 993.90 excl. VAT, plus one-time activation costs EUR 22.- from 11 charging stations. Price includes meter and load management.


CLEMAP Load Management currently works with the following makes and models:

  • ABB Terra AC

Modbus TCP

  • eBOX professional

Modbus TCP

  • eNext

Local API

  • Easee Charge
  • Easee Home

Cloud API (easee Cloud)

  • coffee&charge
  • espresso&charge
  • sospeso&charge
  • cappuchino&charge

Modbus TCP

  • Charge Me

Modbus TCP

  • KEBA KeContact P30c

Modbus TCP

  • Mennekes Professional

Modbus TCP

  • Pico

Modbus TCP

  • Webasto Live
  • Webasto Next
  • Webasto Unite

Modbus TCP

  • Weidmüller Business
  • Weidmüller Smart Value

Modbus TCP

  • Zaptec Pro

Cloud API (Zaptec Cloud)


  • Set-up and commissioning of the load management
  • Operational functionality of local control of any number of charging stations
  • Functionality monitoring via internet with web portal
  • Manual settlement for property management companies
  • Automatic billing for property management companies

Available soon

  • Prioritisation of the charging stations
  • Optimisation of self-consumption for properties with photovoltaic systems
  • Shift load control for phases and load balancing with charging stations which enable the function

Further information

Installation requirements
  • Smartphone or laptop to activate the CLEMAP product
  • enough space in fuse box
  • Ideally an existing network connection with Ethernet cable
    or a WLAN network

CLEMAP Load Management is installed in a fuse box and must be connected to the power supply lines between the meter and the building.

Installation CLEMAP Load Management in a fuse box
  • The meter is connected to the Internet via a WLAN or Ethernet cable connection (see installation instructions).
  • Then the CLEMAP Load Management is activated by means of the information enclosed with the product.
  • After activation, CLEMAP Load Management can be accessed via the CLEMAP Floem portal
Integration and control of the charging stations

The charging stations can be configured via the CLEMAP Floem portal under the menu item Load Management Setup.

Load management setup in CLEMAP Floem
Control function

The available charging power per phase can be set locally or via remote control in the Floem portal.

Integration of ripple control signal from RU

CLEMAP Load Management supports external control signals, e.g. from the utility...

  • via digital input (24VDC).
  • via the cloud using the RestAPI interface.

Supported modes are normal, reduced and locked.


Cost-efficient billing is provided by CLEMAP Floem with the
Pro or Unlimited licence, see Licences.


CLEMAP Floem can be ordered on a licence basis.
(subject to change)

Number of charging stations per CLEMAP device
up to 5
from 6
General tools
Floem Dashboard Access (Online Portal)
Smart Home Android / iOS App
Multi-user system
Load management Electric charging stations
Local load management
Local load management setup
Online load management status overview
Remote monitoring and load management settings
Annual EV charging statement and report for building administrators
Automatic billing email for building administrators
Prioritization of charging stations
Self-consumption optimisation (connection of PV systems)

From EUR 993.90 excl. VAT, plus one-time activation costs EUR 22.- from 6 charging stations. Price includes meter and load management.

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