The CLEMAP app serves as a customer portal and visualises the composition of your monthly electricity bill by breaking down the energy consumption at your home by appliance category.

Your advantages with CLEMAP App

  • Overview of current power consumption
  • Various diagrams, statistics and listings
  • Real-time breakdown of power consumption by appliance category
  • Statistics and charts on consumption and costs per day, week, month and year
  • Course of costs and consumption over the day, week and month

Real-time visualisation of electricity consumption at your home

The CLEMAP app accompanies you in your everyday life and provides you with all the information about your electricity consumption in real time. This means you always know exactly which devices are switched on and how they affect your monthly electricity bill. With the help of detailed statistics and diagrams, the measured performance data is presented in a clear and understandable way, so you don't need any prior knowledge of how to deal with energy data.

Thanks to the app's recording function, which saves the measured energy data, you can check and analyse the course of costs and consumption. This plays a role especially in optimisations such as the purchase of a more energy-efficient refrigerator. Only data that visualises consumption and the associated costs can determine whether the investment delivers what it promises.

App functions

Pie charts and bar graphs, listings of appliance categories and the course of electricity consumption over specific periods of time - everything you need to know about the electricity consumption of your residential property can be found in the CLEMAP app. The data is broken down and visualised in real time, giving you the most up-to-date figures at all times.

Real-time information

The daily consumption display on the start page informs you about your current electricity consumption and gives you reliable information about the level of your consumption via the circle in the middle. This way, even as a layperson, you know whether everything is in order or whether unusually high electricity consumption is taking place. The values displayed are real-time data if there is an Internet connection.

Client portal CLEMAP App current use

Personal settings

Via the profile settings, you can define a profile picture, enter contact details and the desired language (German, English or Italian). In addition, you can define your house type, occupancy, heating type and the type of hot water preparation. By activating the option "See reference group information", your personal energy consumption is put in relation to the average energy consumption of your reference group. This way CLEMAP compares your values with those of the reference profile of your specific reference group and informs you how far you are from the average.

CLEMAP App Client Portal Profile Settings

Statistical reports

In order to be able to check the effect of the energy-saving measures you have taken, you need statistics that appear regularly and examine your consumption in detail. Our app provides you with detailed and meaningful information on your consumption on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, depending on your choice. The statistics contain energy-saving tips tailored to your residential property, which you can use to further reduce your consumption. For the settings of the dispatch cycle, go to "Settings" and then select "Statistics report".

Note: the app offers you the possibility to enter data about your household. This information is used exclusively to show you where your consumption lies compared to similar households. If you would like to receive detailed statistics and personal energy saving tips, we ask you to make the settings under "Profiles" (see section "Personal settings" above).

Client portal CLEMAP App Statistics reports

Download CLEMAP App

The smart CLEMAP app is available free of charge in the App Store and the Google Playstore. Download the app now and finally gain knowledge regarding the composition of your electricity bill. Have fun saving electricity!


CLEMAP Load Management currently works with the following makes and models:

Invoicing possible
  • ABB Terra AC

Modbus TCP

  • CITO 500
  • eBox Professional

Modbus TCP


  • eNext

Local API

  • Easee Charge
  • Easee Home

Cloud API (easee Cloud)


  • coffee&charge
  • espresso&charge
  • sospeso&charge
  • cappuchino&charge

Modbus TCP

  • Charge Me

Modbus TCP


  • KEBA KeContact P30c

Modbus TCP

  • Mennekes Professional

Modbus TCP

  • EVlink Pro AC

Modbus TCP

  • Pico

Cloud API (Smart-Me Cloud)


  • Webasto Live
  • Webasto Next
  • Webasto Unite

Modbus TCP


  • Weidmüller Business
  • Weidmüller Smart Value

Modbus TCP

  • Zaptec Pro

Cloud API (Zaptec Cloud)

  • Aura

Cloud API (ChargeAmps)

  • Green Motion

Modbus TCP

  • Inch

Modbus TCP

  • Hypercharger

Modbus TCP


Modbus TCP


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