CLEMAP is part of #ceo4climate

The changes due to climate change are hitting Switzerland particularly hard. Significantly higher temperatures cause heat and drought, which increase the occurrence of natural hazards such as floods, landslides and debris flows. In order to play its part in halting climate change, CLEMAP is committed to climate protection within the framework of #ceo4climate.

CLEMAP once again advocates climate protection

CLEMAP is a new member of the group of business leaders who have joined forces under #ceo4climate and are committed to taking action to mitigate the climate crisis. Just as climate protection only works with the economy, the economy can only survive in the long term together with climate protection. This interdependence makes it necessary to advocate for a harmonious interplay of these two aspects.

Common ideology as a motive for participation

"I am committed to #ceo4climate because bottom-up initiatives are needed," says Pascal Kienast, Chairman of the Board of Directors and COO. Bottom-up initiatives are efforts that are not started at the highest political level, but by the people or by companies. Moreover, participation in #ceo4climate was launched because of the shared ideology. For CLEMAP, the protection of the environment has played an important role since its foundation, which is why the company has also been in the support programme of the Swiss Climate Foundation since 2019.

Relevant solutions

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