CLEMAP at the 15th Swiss Planners' Day

On 10 March 2020, various players in the construction industry met in the Campus Hall in Brugg as part of the 15th Swiss Planners' Day to discuss the development of buildings and sites. Our COO Pascal Kienast was among the numerous speakers.

CLEMAP at the 15th Swiss Planners' Day: Our COO Pascal Kienast gave a presentation on the challenges regarding the energy transition at the 15th Swiss Planners' Day.
Thechallenge of the energy transition: "We need an appropriate, digital and intelligent energy measurement and platform to master the challenges of the energy transition," Kienast identifies the need for society as a whole.

Last week, the 15th edition of the annual Swiss Planners' Day took place. The event attracted a large number of high-ranking speakers from different sectors. Directors and department heads of large companies reported on challenges in the development of buildings and sites, as did CEOs and founding members of start-ups. The latter made it possible to provide our COO Pascal Kienast as a speaker, whereby he addressed the difficulties regarding the energy transition.

The challenge of the energy transition

In his presentation "If electricity could talk: Energy Upgrading in Tomorrow's Smart Grid", Pascal Kienast spoke about the challenges facing the construction industry in the context of the emerging energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables. "Planners are challenged to plan expedient, digital and intelligent energy measurement so that energy costs can be reduced in operation". Overall, Kienast identifies six key challenges, which the following image illustrates:

He sees the so far exhausted potential of using energy as a data source as a very small part of what could be possible. Through this new data provider, the following four opportunities arise for companies:

  • New business opportunities
  • New market roles
  • New partnerships
  • Value-added services

Added value from energy data as a solution approach

What is needed is "order in the ever-growing flood of data to let energy suppliers and building managers generate added value from the energy data", Kienast continues. He summarises the need for society as a whole as follows: "We need a purposeful, digital and intelligent energy measurement and platform to master the challenges of the energy transition". Such intelligent energy measurement is made possible, among other things, by CLEMAP's services and products. Our innovative solutions help you to provide a convincing customer service that you can fully align with the needs of your customers. Thanks to our meter data management platform "CLEMAP Floem" and the associated value-added services, you are in a position to carry out energy analyses, optimise operations and provide advice. With our smart sensors, which completely take over energy monitoring in properties or SMEs and break down the measured performance data in real time by device category, you empower your customers to generate added value from energy data. Our solutions can be customised on both the collection and application sides.

CLEMAP's solutions, consisting of high-resolution energy meters, the powerful cloud and user-friendly applications, cover the entire energy metering supply chain and provide you with all the necessary elements to offer a satisfactory customer service to your clientele. Through a digital metering infrastructure and associated energy portals, we aim to collect and automatically analyse energy data to provide you with alerts and suggestions for cost reduction, optimisation and preventive maintenance, equipping you for the upcoming energy transition.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion, we look forward to hearing from you!

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