Electromobility and sustainability in the REKA village in Albonago

The picturesque REKA village of Albonago, Ticino, is not only an idyllic retreat, but also a living example of sustainable tourism. In collaboration with ElettrosmartSAGL and CLEMAP AG, the village has taken another step towards green mobility by introducing our CLEMAP Load Management System.

CLEMAP Load Management for a sustainable future

The cooperation between Elettrosmart SAGL and the REKA village made it possible to implement our advanced CLEMAP Load Management System. This innovative system monitors the energy consumption of 13 Juice Technology AG ChargerME charging stations in real time. But that's not all - it also optimizes the use of solar energy generated in the village.

The entire solution was planned, installed and commissioned by Giacomo Geronzi from Elettrosmart SAGL with the help of the installation instructions from CLEMAP AG.

Giacomo Geronzi:

[I particularly appreciate the easy configuration of the CLEMAP product. After installation, I was able to add charging stations later and monitor the proper operation of the system via the CLEMAPFLOEM portal. Another advantage is the centralized ripple control signal receiver. Instead of having to run a cable for each individual charging station, CLEMAP receives the signal from the electricity supplier and switches off the charging stations via the load management control interface.

[IT] Appezzo particolarmente lafacilità di configurazione del prodotto CLEMAP. Una volta installato, ho potutoaggiungere colonnine di ricarica in un secondo momento e monitorare la correttaoperazione del sistema tramite il portale CLEMAP FLOEM. Un altro vantaggio stànel segnale di controllo remoto centralizzato. Instead of having to control a cavoad for each individual column of the ricarica, the CLEMAP receives the signal from the system and feeds the columns via the car position control interface.

Figure 1: Giacomo Geronzi, Managing Director of ElettroSmart SAGL

Optimal load management and maximization of self-consumption

The CLEMAP LoadManagement System not only keeps an eye on the current energy consumption, but also on the production of the photovoltaic system. The result? Optimal load management that maximizes self-consumption while preventing overloads. Individual charging stations are configured to charge normally, only in the event of a PV surplus or at a minimum current of 6A and accelerated in the event of a PV surplus.

Figure 2: Different charging modes of the individual charging stations in the two garages.

A successful step towards sustainable electromobility

The collaboration between Elettrosmart SAGL and the REKA village marks a significant milestone for sustainable electromobility. The introduction of the CLEMAP Load Management System makes it clear that this is the optimal solution for the interaction between solar production and electromobility. The increase in self-consumption of PV production has the positive consequence of reducing the load on the electricity grid.

We are overjoyed about this successful collaboration and look forward to taking further steps towards a sustainable future together. Electromobility is not only charged here, but also designed to be sustainable - a signpost for future green projects.


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