When energy control systems fail

Who does not know it? Energy control systems are planned by the electrical planner, the responsible electrical company carries out the installation and the plant manager or the responsible person is clearly overwhelmed with the use of the system. He can only communicate with the suppliers, but useful information is difficult for him to decipher. This is often all the more dramatic the less one deals with the control system. Control systems are often planned at a time when the plant is not even in operation. In the course of time, the needs of the control system change and the system is not dynamic and flexible enough to meet the new requirements.

Nevertheless, control systems naturally also offer advantages. As part of building management, they are well suited for the regulation and control of facilities. In addition, they function as an important part of the infrastructure and support the optimisation of processes in operation. Unfortunately, large companies dominate the market for energy control systems, which limits the flexibility of use due to standardised products.

It is important for you as an owner, user or planner that the energy measurement and control system is designed flexibly in order to be able to cover future needs. If a proprietary control system that is difficult to expand is chosen in the planning phase, the facility management cannot adapt the system to the new technologies and is limited in optimising its processes in the following years. This plays an immensely important role, especially at the technology level, since technical change is progressing unchecked and ever faster.

In order to have its finger on the pulse, an energy control system must be expandable and adaptable. The basis for this is an open and flexibly modulable platform. At CLEMAP, we attach great importance to the interoperability of the systems. On the one hand, downstream to our cloud by providing an API interface for the integration of our analyses into your processes. On the other hand, upstream, by offering intelligent and automated analyses and alerts based on pre-installed measuring points and control systems. Our smart sensor CLEMAP Energy Monitor is the ideal solution for your SME. With the help of this energy meter in combination with the powerful CLEMAP Cloud, you are fully equipped for the challenges of future technologies. Thanks to the flexibility of our products, we are able to support you in any of your projects.

Contact us now for a non-binding discussion! We will be happy to provide you with our sound know-how in order to find a solution for your project together.

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