CLEMAP in the trade journal Energierundschau

As a trade magazine of the energy industry, Energierundschau informs about innovations, product developments and current topics from this sector. In issue 02/2020 you will find a two-page portrait about CLEMAP on page 50 & 51: Show E-Mag

With its products, CLEMAP pursues the goal of informing SMEs, companies and corporations about the energy consumption of their systems and saving costs. In doing so, not only information on kWh and CHF is provided, but thanks to intelligent algorithms, profound insights into the company's own consumption are granted. Detailed energy data analytics form the basis for energy optimisation and ultimately lead to lower operating costs. However, this is only one added value that CLEMAP draws from the energy data. For example, thanks to sophisticated algorithms, automatic warnings can be sent when defined values are undershot, which prevents operational damage and increases safety.

Would you also like to have the energy balance of your company analysed in order to identify optimisation potential and thus save electricity and money? Or are you looking for a warning system that alerts you to changes in electricity consumption? Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation! We will be happy to support you with our in-depth industry knowledge and many years of experience and guide you towards achieving your energy goals.

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