CLEMAP technology

CLEMAP technology is at the heart of all our products. The self-developed algorithms based on an IoT device are unique in the energy market and play a pioneering role.

CLEMAP's broad knowledge ranges from energy data collection to its targeted analysis and evaluation to visualisation. For example, only CLEMAP is able to break down electricity consumption in real time by appliance category, allowing real added value to be generated from energy data for different user groups.

Detailed energy data analytics

The increased clock rate of CLEMAP sensors and a flexible integration of third party systems into CLEMAP Floem makes it possible to offer customers different energy data analytics . In recent years, CLEMAP has demonstrated its capabilities in the load breakdown process and helped its customers gain clarity about their energy consumption.

Load disaggregation is the process of breaking down electricity consumption by appliance category. Unlike metering systems from other suppliers, CLEMAP customer portals do not merely show the total of your electricity consumption, but classify it by device category. This enables CLEMAP to provide you with detailed information about your energy consumption, which is the basis for energy optimization. Thanks to the detailed statistics, diagrams and listings in the customer portals, you can see at a glance how the electricity in your building is being used. This allows you to initiate measures to reduce your consumption, thereby lowering your electricity bill and helping the environment at the same time.

Comparison of conventional measuring systems to CLEMAP Load disaggregation
Comparison of conventional measuring systems to CLEMAP Load disaggregation

Measurement technology according to the latest standards

CLEMAP has hardware competencies ranging from prototyping to industrialisation. Our measurement systems are continuously tested for the latest standards and certified for the energy market. For example, industrialisation standards such as EN50470-1 and CE are applied. The energy meters are coupled with the associated current measuring systems, using magnetic folding transformers and Rogowski coils. Calibration and testing take place in the company's own laboratories using certified test equipment.

CLEMAP has designed the sensors in such a way that you will find a suitable device for every situation. Whether you are a private customer monitoring electricity consumption in private properties or a business customer for various large-scale projects such as energy monitoring in SMEs, high-current measurements up to 6000 amperes or remote control systems for electric charging stations - CLEMAP always offers you a suitable solution. Learn more about the smart energy meters and let us help you reduce your electricity consumption and save money!

Innovative cloud solutions for every need

CLEMAP believes that without a digital cloud evaluation, no suitable added value is generated. The energy data collected by CLEMAP is captured on a cloud and automatically evaluated, offering high flexibility in customer applications and their customisation. Of course, the highest security standard is guaranteed at all times. All transmissions are encrypted. In addition, energy and customer data are consistently separated from each other on two levels: physically in the use of different storage locations and organisationally in our team, whereby only key persons can combine energy data with customer data. CLEMAP relies on the services of Amazon Web Services, but can also set up its services on other servers at the customer's request.

CLEMAP's innovative cloud solutions are offered to both private and business customers. Depending on your needs, you can choose between two intelligent energy portals that provide you with statistics, charts, listings and other information about your energy data. Find out more about CLEMAP's intuitive energy portals and start monitoring your electricity consumption efficiently today!

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