Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring of production machinery has as its primary objective the early detection of significant changes in operating parameters or anomalies in order to prevent major failures and shortening of the normal lifespan of the equipment.

Simple central non-invasive installation

The simpler condition monitoring is already possible by installing a CLEMAP Edge Device. This eliminates the costs of a complex installation and, in particular, the need to shut down the production line.

Safety for operator and production machine

Health and safety is a top priority in every company. The safe operation of a production machine places the highest demands on measurement sensors, measurement data acquisition, transmission and automatic measurement data processing (analysis, diagnosis) as well as plant-specific knowledge. These tasks are easily mastered with the CLEMAP condition monitoring module, as it offers the greatest potential for automatic reporting and alarming in the event of critical deviations.

Continuous monitoring of machine efficiency and productivity

Monitoring the condition of machines or production lines is an essential prerequisite for condition-based predictive maintenance. Thanks to the measurement of energy consumption, the change of operating parameters and the comparison with parallel production lines, it is possible to monitor and control the condition and send warnings if necessary.

Reference projects

In the following reference projects and application examples, you can find out about the many ways in which our smart energy solutions are used. We will be happy to find a suitable solution for your project.

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