Increasing energy efficiency

Energy efficiency measures can only be defined through real-time energy data. Insights into the consumption of machinery and equipment make it possible to identify the potential for savings.

Simple and Edge device installation

By measuring the power consumption of a production line, it is possible to monitor and control its efficiency. The CLEMAP Edge Device can be installed without effort and is immediately ready for use. Moreover, the production line does not have to be switched off for commissioning: The non-invasive, central installation using split-ring current transformers or Rogowski coils can be carried out during operation.

High energy data resolution

The high granularity and ad-hoc resolution of the energy measurement enables the collection of important values of the electrical power profile. For example, starting current, reactive power and active power are essential information for determining energy efficiency measures and ensuring high productivity.

Automatically generated insights to increase efficiency

With the electrification and automation of industrial production, driven by Industry 4.0, energy consumption is a crucial cost factor that needs to be optimised. Depending on the infrastructure, machine or process, energy efficiency savings are in the range of 15-40 %. From the evaluation of the energy data and a customised energy efficiency package, insights automatically result that lead to measures to increase efficiency.

Reference projects

In the following reference projects and application examples, you can find out about the many ways in which our smart energy solutions are used. We will be happy to find a suitable solution for your project.

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